Cat Parks in DC?

Posted on Aug 24, 2012

Although we love our DC dogs, between Pups in the Park and endless Yappy Hours we sometimes feel that our city kitties are getting the short end of the slobbery stick. So we were thrilled to read this dcist article on Mayor Vincent Gray’s remarks about D.C. kitties – and that he himself is a cat owner –  at the re-opening of the S. Street Dog Park in Dupont.

Gray said, in jest, that D.C. cats have no special city-funded accommodations – while the number of dog parks is at nine and counting. With no city-kitty playground in the works  – Jozy enjoys the “fresh” DC  air via walks in her new stroller. And contrary to the popular opinion of our friends and family, and chuckles  from our neighbors, she actually likes it.

Is your city kitty (or dog) looking for a pet stroller?  See Jozy’s favorite stroller below!

JK: A cat leash just wasn’t for me – this way my humans do all the leg-work. One more reason why cats are smarter than dogs!